Credit: Larry Chen via YouTube

The footage above comes courtesy of photographer and videographer Larry Chen, who said he was “so blown away” by Millen’s onboard that he decided to simply publish the whole run, unedited, from start to finish. No voiceover, no cuts, nothing — just the thunder of a turbocharged 2.1-liter four-cylinder out of an Eagle IMSA GTP prototype, a vast expanse of gray below and Millen’s quick hands, for 11 minutes straight.


And Millen needed those quick hands, as you’ll be able to see at around the 2:45 mark. I won’t spoil the surprise for you, but time hasn’t softened this Taco’s widowmaking ways, nor Millen’s ability to tame them. The thick-as-pea-soup fog probably didn’t help things, either.

While the Tacoma would’ve had to ascend the mountain on a mixture of surfaces back in its day, Pikes Peak has only gotten faster and in some ways more dangerous with the passage of time. The asphalt near the summit is susceptible to cracking from repetitive freezing, making for a very bumpy and unpredictable ride — something 2019 champ Robin Shute told former Jalop Matt Brown not too long ago. The mountain may change, but its thrilling danger is ever-constant.