Watch Richard Hammond Demonstrate Olympic-Level Swearing

I love profanity. I don’t care who knows it. There’s something so gloriously freeing and exhilarating about releasing a nice, long, flowing, vulgar stream of foul language. When it comes to some world-class Freestyle Flying Off The Handle Swearing, I have to say Richard Hammond really nails it.


Hammond’s on a bike here, in what I thought was the Top Gear episode where they race across London, but now I’m not so sure that’s when this was shot. It doesn’t matter — I’m pretty sure this clip didn’t end up on the BBC anyway.

Hammond’s bike is rudely cut off by an unobservant driver in an early 90s VW Transporter, and Hammond, livid at almost being custardized by such a shitty van, lays into this dazzling profantity-laden rant:

What the fucking hell are you, you great gangly fuckknuckled-twat greasy-haired cuntbag. Fuck you!


Wow, that was even fun to type.


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