Watch Ralph Gilles Chase Down A CTS-V In A Challenger Hellcat

SRT boss Ralph Gilles put his GoPro on a Challenger Hellcat and went after a Cadillac CTS-V running on slicks at Grattan Raceway. Best day at work? Best day at work.


The Hellcat is more of a dragster than a track focused muscle car, yet here it is with all its "more than 707 horsepower," and it doesn't combust spontaneously at the track after a few laps of chasing a CTS-V. Call me impressed.

Here's Ralph explaining it:

Experimenting with my GoPro3... attempting to capture the HellCat's incredible baritone fury...then a CTSV on Slicks got into my crosshairs! Was a fun couple of laps chasing him down. The CTSV driver overcooked a few corners (admittedly) as he was driving in his mirrors as the Cat closed in! The highlight of this video is not the little bit of track action but THAT engine note...IMHO it has gotta to be one of the best sounding engines available on the market today. Hats off to the SRT engineering, power train, exhaust and integration team. The Hellcat simply works as a system. Loads of character, grit and pace!


Clown Shoe Pilot

Great engine sounds. Also CTS-V TRACK WAGON!!