Watch Porsche Factory Footage of 356s Coming to Life

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Ever wonder what Porsche 356Bs looked like coming together in Stuttgart? Here is some excellent factory footage showing various stages of manufacturing the little sports cars. Click through to see the second part of the video as well.

All it took was a couple seconds of Kelly McGillis driving around in a Porsche 356 replica in Top Gun over the holidays to remind me how badly I want a 356 (As if any of us really could forget). In the ensuing hours spent on Youtube watching Porsche 356 videos to curb my desire, the two clips of 356s being put together seen here were discovered.

The cars look to me like Porsche 356B T5s, which would put the time of the videos between late 1959 and the middle of 1962. The engines being assembled look like they may be from the most powerful, expensive and rare Super 90 356Bs, but I can't confirm it. The Super 90 was named for the 90hp the engine produced and is still among the most sought after 356 models today.