Watch Paralyzed Racer And Badass Shane Hmiel Get Back In A Race Car

NASCAR driver Shane Hmiel was banned from driving in the series in 2006 thanks to a series of failed drug tests. He cleaned up his act and got back to racing with a new goal: Win the Indy 500.

But in 2010 he crashed a Sprint Car badly and ended up paralyzed. He almost didn't live and was told he would never move his limbs or breathe on his own again. Now, 840 days after the accident, he got back behind the wheel of a stock car. Prepare to be inspired.


Hmiel's ride at Rockingham Speedway came courtesy of Accessible Racing, a group that provides race track experiences to disabled people that might otherwise not be able to drive.

Using a specially equipped car with hand controls, Hmiel was able to drive the car around Rockingham Speedway for a few laps about a week ago. It looks like it was a highly emotional experience for him and his family.

Hopefully we'll see Shane behind the wheel of more cars soon. Who knows, maybe he can get back to racing professionally someday.


(Hat Tip Adam!)

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