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Highway 17, a mountain four-lane between Santa Cruz and San Jose, is one of the most hairball widely-travelled roads in California. An ex-girlfriend of ours was nearly killed by the eyebrow-pierced Modest Mouse fan she left us for when he decided he wanted to die and yanked the wheel of her creaky Pathfinder toward the canyon (in retrospect, she was good at making people want to die). We were almost killed ourselves when we cracked a joke in the rain and started laughing so hard our '70 Skylark nearly went spinning off into the air and down the mountainside.

A childhood neighbor of ours was killed when his vehicle left the roadway. And when a tree falls across the highway in the middle of the night? Four car-plus-Ferrari pileup. Yet the scroogey newsies give us no pictures of the Ferrari! Thankfully, nobody was killed. No word as to whether Dietrich was involved.

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