Watch National Geographic's Driving America Right Now And Talk Cars Here

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, the two-hour documentary special Driving America is airing at 9:00 PM EDT/PDT tonight (I.e. right now) on the National Geographic Channel and I’ve invited some of the shows participants and creators into the comments to chat about it with you, dear readers.


This is a two-hour special devoted to the history and impact of the automobile within America. As with many of the National Geographic Channel’s documentaries, this will be a broad but still detailed look at the social, cultural, historical, and political impact of the automobile.

While you’re all quite smart and obviously knowledgable about cars, I hope you’ll see a few things you didn’t knew or didn’t remember.

Feel free to chime in below with questions or stories of your own personal car history. We’ll be joined by fellow talking head Hannah Elliott and by the show’s executive producer Matt Bennett and by director/producer Russell Pflueger.

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