Watch NASCAR magician's Camaro stunt go horribly wrong

An Atlanta magician who calls himself "The Great Moodini" was ready to entertain the crowds at Atlanta Motor Speedway last week with his stunt of escaping from shackles chained to a moving car. The car moved — and so did he.

Moodini, also known as Michael Anthony Mooney, broke an ankle, wrist, one rib and finger in the stunt, which he told WSB-TV he'd pulled off twice before without incident. Dressed in the traditional magician's costume of XXL T-shirt, sweatpants and Crocs, Moodini was supposed to shed the shackles while blindfolded before the pace Camaro car pulled on the 100-foot-long length of chain, but Mooney says he "didn't give himself enough time."


For his next trick Moodini will engage in close-up sleight-of-hand near the hospital's billing department.

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