Mobil, which is an oil company, wanted to promote its oil products. So they turned a regular car wash into a Formula One pitstop, complete with Jenson Button and his McLaren MP4-24*. I know, I'm not sure it makes sense either, but the result is nothing short of awesome.

Alright, so I get that doing this sort of thing would be a lot more expensive than a regular car wash, but it should still be some sort of option. Because this is so, so much better than getting out, a guy asks you something about what package you want but you can't really hear him because it's too loud, and then you pull up, and the guy gets in your seat, messes with the positioning, drives it up to a machine, the machine cleans your car but also screws up all the paint, while you go and sit inside an airless building wondering if you forgot to close the sunroof, and then your car gets spit out by the soulless white building and you pay through the nose anyways.


Yes, this is much better.

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