Watch Lewis Hamilton Ruin Teammate Nico Rosberg's Start Of The Canadian Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg immediately dropped to ninth position at the start of the Canadian Grand Prix after being bumped off the track in an early turn by Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton. Play nice, boys.

The on-board video from each driver, shown below, shows Rosberg losing the fight with Hamilton in the first turn of the 2016 Canadian Grand Prix. We see Hamilton run wide after Vettel squirts into the lead, leading Rosberg off the track and down to 9th in the first lap.

Hamilton has now taken the lead following an interesting pit-stop by Vettel just after the virtual safety car lifted on lap 11.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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Repsol Honda

Hamilton was never going to give an inch, but Rosberg should have backed off and he would have been been in P3, or P4 at the absolute worst. Pointless to try and fight for that position.