Watch Ken Block's Kick-Into-The-Air Crash That Did Not Stop His Rally

Ken Block finished second at the New England Forest Rally this weekend, the biggest American rally of the decade. And that was after this soaring crash.


Watch the video and you’ll see how it all goes wrong for Kenny.

He goes light over the crest, probably realizes that he’s going way too fast for the upcoming left, tries to slow down but plows past the turn undeterred and clips the bank. That sends him up into the air, landing backwards.

Does that stop Mister Blockenstein? Hell no! He gets the car going again, pulls a 180, and gets right back on it.

This was one of the trickiest corners of the rally — the winner Dave Higgins overcooked the corner and barely made it through, and Jalopnik’s friendly codriver Steve Harrell’s rally ended on this corner as well.

Indeed, that’s rally.

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Ain’t no rally like a Ken Block rally because a Ken Block rally don’t stop