Watch Ken Block Hoon A Fiesta ST On An Ice Rink

Remember when Kenchibald Blockdrews was redlining a welded-diff Sierra Wagon in Budapest only to find it difficult to control? Well, he didn't come here to do that. Instead, Ford Europe gave him a red Fiesta ST to play with.

I guess if your other ride is a Fiesta that's so powerful it melts itself, the least you can do for Ford is to travel to Budapest even if it's still rainy for a bit of PR fun. The ice rink is the perfect playground for such activities, but one thing is for sure: I wouldn't buy that red ST with the number plate MHR-434 when they put it on sale. Press cars really are the worst.


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Too bad Ford priced it about $3k too expensive here in the states IMHO. That is why I chose the FocusST instead. The $2k price difference between the two once equipped with Recaros was too close not to choose the Focus.