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Watch Jeremy Clarkson race the 46-liter Brutus against the BMW 1M

We do love the BMW aero-engined Brutus in all its flame-spitting, gargling glory. In his new DVD special, Clarkson decided to pit the Beast from Baden against something a little bit more modern, the BMW 1M.


So it turns out that the Bayrische Bruiser out-dragged the 103-year-old Brutus in not the most edge-of-your-seat race(there's always John Force for a great drag), but seriously, you're watching new footage of the Brutus, the most badass car to come tearing into the collective automotive unconscious in a good long while.

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Apples and oranges. Ponies and oxen.

Going out on a limb and guessing Brutus' weight at around 6000 lbs.

The 1M weighs 3300.

I'd like to see this race rerun with 2700 lbs of sand in the 1M's back seat.