Watch Jeremy Clarkson go from bomber Bentley to McLaren in "Powered Up"

Next month, on Jeremy Clarkson's new DVD bonanza "Powered Up:" Two supercars get driven 100 feet. Jeremy gets sunburned in France. And an old Bentley backfires.

Like a solo album from one of the Beatles, "Powered Up" gives Clarkson a chance to show off his particular skills — in his case, driving a convertible while shouting — in far more depth than he's able to when the rest of the band is around. If your favorite part of "Top Gear" is Clarkson's track time tomfoolery, then "Powered Up's" excursions around the Paul Ricard track in southern France — including a race with Lotus F1 test driver Karun Chandhok in a BAC Mono — are right up your open headers.

The DVD comes for European fans on Nov. 7; those who like what they see stateside will have to wait a bit, considering that Clarkson's 2007 "Supercar Showdown" is just being released in a U.S. format next week.

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The 4 minutes and 9 seconds of the clip from the DVD are more entertaining all minutes of every episode of the US version of Top Gear . . . in the world.