Watch Jaguar XJ220s Race Just Like In Video Games

Welcome to Sunday Matinee, where we highlight classic car reviews or other longer videos I find on YouTube. Kick back and enjoy this blast from the past.

I'm a big video game nerd. I'm the kind of nut that would catch up on American Le Mans and then would immediately go play Forza 4, with nothing but me, some sort of exotic wonderfulness, and a big track to go nuts on.

Sunset Peninsula is a track in Forza that has pretty much anything a racer could hope for- big straightaways, a nice banked turn, and twisty bits through the infield of a track. I always thought Sunset Peninsula was fake, a fantastic concoction thought up of bits of imagination.


I was wrong.

It turns out that twenty years ago, before Forza, before Gran Turismo, there was FastMasters. The show aired on ESPN, and featured retired drivers, all over the age of 56, pounding around Indianapolis Raceway Park in ultra-rare Jaguar XJ220s on street tires. The racing was incredible, with no ABS, constant passing, and even NASCAR-style crashes. It was just like in the video games.

If we brought FastMasters back today, what do you think it would look like?

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So much here to discuss!

1) Veteran American race-car drivers who make both left and right turns, from all different types of racing (NASCAR, drag racing, LeMans, etc.)

2) European, turbo cars racing in Indianapolis (but not at IMS.)

3) The 2nd announcer who does most of the talking, but who you don't see, is my neighbor, Gary Lee. I will try to get him to do a Q&A with Jalopnik about this and other lesser-known series.

4) Look at how packed the stands are! Amazing to see, even if it was 1993 and this really isn't something most would consider a top-tier race. Then again, this was the warm-up race for USAC midgets, back when IndyCar was associated with USAC. Drivers would progress from dirt tracks, through midgets, and then to Indy cars.

5) IRP, Indianapolis Raceway Park is NOT the same track as Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I hope most readers realize this, but there are probably plenty who don't. They are a few miles apart and both on the west side of town. IRP usually holds drag races, but also has an oval and road course (as seen in the video.) The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is where the 500 (and now Brickyard 400, Moto GP, etc.) are held.

6) The ads for GW Pierce Auto Parts sadden me. They had at least two junkyards around the Indianapolis area, which are now closed. These are the types of junkyards Murilee Martin and others have discussed ad nausea in other posts here at Jalopnik over the years. They weren't pick-a-part, but they were vast.