Watch Icon’s Jonathan Ward Nerd Out With His Absurd Watch Collection

Jonathan Ward likes anything mechanical and revels in unique designs, so it’s not surprising that he’s been a watch nerd longer than he’s been a car guy. And he recently sat down with the crew at Hodinkee to go over one of the more eclectic watch collections out there – which perfectly suits the man.


Ward isn’t your traditional collector. He’s not married to a particular brand or obsessed with reference numbers. His collection is as varied and diverse as it gets, because – like his cars and trucks – he doesn’t care what anyone thinks; he just likes what he likes and doesn’t make excuses.

Naturally, several of his watches influenced the designs of his Toyota and Bronco builds. From the finish on a particularly sleek Ventura chrono to the (slightly predictable) inspiration of Bell & Ross for his gauges. And there’s even a Derelict-esque piece that has a great story to go along with it. Click play.


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Being a car and watch guy is pretty common. Expensive but fun.