Late yesterday evening, $50 million in uncut diamonds were stolen off of an airliner at Brussels Airport in a movie-worthy heist. The security footage isn't out yet, but here is the second best thing: The Taiwanese animation.

The robbers had obviously planned out this entire heist incredibly well. Two cars entered the airport through large holes that were cut in the security fence. The eight men in the cars wore uniforms meant to look like police and the cars reportedly had blue flashing lights on top.


They got to the armored car as it was being unloaded into the plane, held the crew and pilots hostage, got the diamonds, and got out. It took them three minutes and they shot precisely zero people.

The only lead the police have right now is a burned out shell of a Mercedes Sprinter van found outside of the airport, which means it's possible the robbers switched cars right after the event. They also don't know the exact value of the 10 kilograms of diamonds that were taken. It is possible the actual value could be far higher than $50 million.