Freakishly Strong Power Wheels 2015 Ford F-150s Can Hold Up A Real F-150

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Don't listen to that bratty little cousin, your fat ass will apparently not break his Power Wheels 2015 Ford F-150 when you take it from him this Christmas. Watch four of the little plastic pickups hold the weight of a real, 4,120 pound, F-150 and survive.


Fisher Price lists the "maximum carry weight" for the toy truck at 130 pounds, but obviously the all-plastic micromobile has been significantly over-engineered. The weight is dispersed in this little demonstration, but, still... I doubt anybody in your family is larger than one-quarter of a pickup truck. Even a regular cab.


Stay tuned for our own upcoming review of the Power Wheels 2015 Ford F-150, which we're in the process of evaluating on the harsh terrain of my aunt's back yard right now.

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I found that massively more interesting than I probably should have. Slow work days will do that I guess