Watch How Calm 250 MPH Looks From The Passenger Seat

Driving a car at 250 mph looks terrifying. It looks like hyperspace. It looks like death blurring your vision. Things look different from the passenger seat, a view that we may have never had before.


This was shot from a BADD GT, the fastest street car in the world.


And it was shot, unsurprisingly, at NASA’s three-mile straightaway, where owner/operator Johnny Bohmer set his last (extremely rad) record.

Bohmer is shooting for 300 miles an hour, and got this passenger ride video from one of his attempt runs, as he explained:

Bohmer was planning to achieve speeds in the 290 MPH range, but due to heavy cross winds (25 MPH Gusts) he was unable to achieve that goal. However while in car testing, Bohmer realized no one has ever gone over 250 MPH in a street legal car with a passenger. “I believe this is surely a first for the automotive community, and a new world record,” Bohmer said.


Take a watch at the video below:

Bohmer looks completely on edge. The engineer beside him? Totally calm and focused. Maybe 250 mph isn’t so bad.


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Voice of C. Montgomery Burns

Fastest I’ve ever been was 155mph on a closed course, driving my own car (limiter at 155) and it wasn’t very scary.

From what I’ve read and from other people’s experiences. Once you’re getting over 180mph, things become quite a bit squirrelly? Hopefully one day I’ll get to experience it for myself.