Watch four Humvees get pushed out of an airplane

Hauling Humvees into remote parts of Iraq can take several weeks over land, and slow-moving air transports can make large targets, so what better way to deliver a few than parachuting them in. Someone's still getting the delivery charge. Thanks Brett!

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Going to Toshi Station to pick up some power converters

I have an airlift story ... I was an Air Force public affairs officer in New Mexico a while back. There was a huge snowstorm and much of the state was stuck in snow for several days. Meanwhile, the state's cattle ranchers had no way of tending to their livestock. Starvation of thousands of animals was a possibility.

So, they ask their neighbors, the Air Force, to help out so the cattle didn't starve to death. I have no idea how the funding for this worked, but C-17s and I think even a C-5 or two were enlisted for feedlot duty.

Huge bales of hay ... the circular kind that are about six feet tall ... were loaded onto the transports and air dropped onto several ranchers' properties. This went on in some cases for a couple of weeks. In all, it worked well, there weren't many stories of starvation for livestock.

However, a rancher with a big set of brass ones (read on, I'll explain), sued the Air Force over the air drop. Apparently, one of the transports dropped the bales literally onto a few cattle. Quick death from above. So, instead of losing his whole herd, the rancher lost four of five head (can't remember the exact amount), but decided to sue. The kicker is that the rancher rented federal property for his operation, asked for the help of the federal government to save his cattle that were on federal land, the government obliged, but were sued for the favor.

Lots of fun stories like that from the Air Force days between ranchers, environmentalists, and other "characters."