Watch Flat-Out Rally Cars Skip Along The Ground But Somehow Keep It Together

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The World Rally Championship’s Rallye Deutschland is a ridiculously fast blast through the German countryside, mostly on tarmac. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching these cars bounce around on landing but still somehow—somehow!—keep it under control. Behold, flat-out driving at its craziest.

I don’t think there’s anybody as happy as the rally fans who help dig out a car from the woods about a minute into this supercut of flat-out ridiculousness, either. Much of this year’s rally was quite wet, with quite a few cars getting caught out by slippery pavement and mud.

When there was traction, though, the cars made the most of it even though rough patches in the tarmac wanted to buck them into the air. Some of these cars bounce around the point where they look more like rocks skipping on the water than they do actual cars on tarmac.

M-Sport Ford driver and duckie enthusiast Ott Tänak ultimately won the rally, and it’s not hard to see why from the insane fly-bys of his car tearing down the stages.