Watch Flame-Spitting Hatches Go Crazy On The Track

There's wild oversteer, brutal crashes, NASCAR-grade drafting, and it all comes from pint-sized European econoboxes. This is the 1981 European Championship of the Renault R5 Turbo Cup. They're tiny, they're adorable, and yet they're also these fire breathing mid-engined monsters. Watch them tear each other to pieces.


To make these speed demons, Renault pulled the weedy engines out from under their hoods, turbocharged them, and stuck them where the back seats should be. When they weren't racing in the World Rally Championship, Renault jammed them on a track and let 'em loose.

You can catch some more of the action at the illustrious Monaco street circuit, and if you want to see more of the French rally legend who raced in that series, Jean Ragnotti, we have a surprise for you later in the week.

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Neat footage but with the music I kept expecting to see John Holmes or Traci Lords pop out of one of the cars at the end.