Watch Five Minutes Of Blasting Koenigseggs Filmed From A McLaren

Here's two Koenigseggs flying along the Autobahn, as shot from a McLaren 12C. It's got good noises, speed, a Ferrari, a McLaren, and, oh yeah, those two Koenigseggs, on the Autobahn. You don't need much more of a descriptor than that to marvel at this high-speed collection.

The Koenigsegg Agera featured here has even got wheels that make it look like it's got whitewall tires, which are soooo much better than regular tires. All cars should have whitewall-esque wheels. That is a new rule, that I just invented.

Make it happen, Planet Earth.

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Wildly insufficient follow distances at those speeds. If the first koenigsegg had to mash brakes, you would have a koenigseggsegglaren sandwich in about .1 seconds.