It can be sometimes hard to imagine just how fast a Formula One car is. You think "well I've driven a Volkswagen GTI once, and I can imagine it being twice as fast as that." If you want to know how fast an F1 car is, look at how calm Fernando Alonso is while pounding a Ferrari F12 around the Nurburgring.


In case you're forgetting the insanity that is the Ferrari F12 because you don't write for Jalopnik and thus don't alternate between that and an Oscar Meyer Weinermobile every day, just last week Jeremy Clarkson actually said it was "too powerful." This, coming from the man that uses POWERRRRR as a catchphrase.


In his defense, Ferraris tend to be a bit twitchy, and especially so when they have a 730 horsepower V12 driving nothing but the rear wheels.

While driving the track, Alonso remains absolutely calm, and even admits that the Ferrari doesn't even get his adrenaline pumping at all. For him, the history of the Nordschleife is all there is to appreciate.

I'm pretty sure I'd be wetting my pants.

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