Fabian Coulthard destroyed his Holden Commodore during the first lap of the 2010 Bathurst 1000. Here's the in-car view. Unfortunately, they left off the subtitles. They should read, "screech, sky, ground, sky, ground, thump, sky, ground, darkness."

V8 Supercar racing is one of the greatest forms of American motorsport. Except for the fact that they do it in Australia.


Big stock-bodied family sedans jammed full of 600+ horsepower pushrod V8s going toe to toe around some of the best road courses in the world. Combine that with a liberal disregard for normal racing rules and it's some of the most exciting racing you'll ever see.

Fabian Coulthard, one of the sports stars (and second cousin to David Coulthard), had a small altercation on the opening lap of the Bathurst 1000 which led to a flat rear tire and about four seconds of turning a perfectly good Holden Commodore into a roll cage and some parts.


Hey NASCAR, are you watching this?

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