Watch Drifting's Newest Champion Wreck Your Shit on This Phone Game

The inimitable Masashi Yokoi won Japan’s top professional drifting championship this past weekend, D1GP. Also, he plays the cartooniest drift game on your phone, FR Legends. Unsurprisingly, he is extremely good.


Yokoi heads up the all-purple drift team Mind Control Racing Factory, best known for running super trains of four, five, or more cars down Japan’s tighter club tracks. But he himself is an eye catching driver for always seeming to be more aggressive than the next guy, always throwing his car harder into corners than you’d ever think.

For example, he was flicking his car into the first turn at the last round of D1 so hard that he was lifting a front tire off the ground at the start of his turn-left-before-you-turn-right scandinavian flick.


So enjoy watching him take Ebisu’s Minami course here, leaping over the jump, riding the wall, and never even touching the handbrake. Just hard chucks. Nice.

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