Watch Divers Explore An Underwater Playground Of Cars And Boats

One of the many sunken vehicles.
One of the many sunken vehicles.
Screenshot: The River Steward

If you’re looking to see what happens to cars left to decay underwater, a good place to start is this flooded rock quarry in Pelham, Alabama. But if you’re not a diver yourself, you can watch The River Steward’s video where he explores the sunken playground 70 feet below the surface.


The flooded quarry—known as Blue Water Park—contains all kinds of insane things to explore, including a sunken sailboat, a fire truck and some cars. They find an old Ford Focus, with badging still visible, and what appears to one commenter to be a Datsun 280ZX.

Apparently there’s also a sunken school bus, but the divers went in the wrong direction and didn’t have enough oxygen to turn back and check it out.

The park mainly functions as a diver training center, but recreational diving to see the cool underwater scenery is also welcome. Helpfully, Blue Water Park provides a map of its underwater attractions.

Screenshot: Blue Water Park
Screenshot: Blue Water Park

Or, ya know, you could check out the videos on this guy’s YouTube channel.

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A diving destination where the draw is junked cars at the bottom of a flooded quarry is the Alabama-est thing ever.