The Swedish Epa-Traktor was a phenomenon born out of wartime necessity, according to Curbside Classic. Farm equipment was hard to come by during World War II, so enterprising Swedes converted other vehicles into tractors. The conversions have stuck around by popular demand. Of course they get hooned.

As several Swedes noted on Jason’s round-up of cool Swedish cars yesterday, these “tractors” today are often converted older cars. To keep them legal for unlicensed drivers as young as 16 years old to use (as you would on a farm), they’re limited to a 30 kph (18 mph) top speed and required to have a reflective safety triangle on the back.

Naturally, as it’s a vehicle with wheels and an engine, it can be used for utter hooliganism. Hey, just like a real tractor!

“Epa” was the name of a Swedish store known for cheap goods, and thus, it’s only fitting that today’s Epa-traktors are old beaters like boxy Volvos and unloved Mercedes.


Bless you, Sweden. Everything about these are glorious. (Well, especially the burnouts so intense they pop a tire.)

[H/T carbonandchrome!]

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