Cops Use High-Tech Tools To Rescue Chihuahua

Similar chihuahua pictured for illustrative purposes only. (Image Credits: CHP, Pexels)

The California Highway Patrol has successfully rescued a chihuahua using the quick reflexes of a motorcycle cop and the penetrating stare of infrared camera mounted to an airplane.

Apparently the chihuahua escaped from a car that had been involved in crash on Highway 4 and scampered into the darkness. The tiny dog must have been hard to spot, but even a small heat signature sticks out from this perspective.


The CHP’s Air 31 buzzed around the road and led Officer Alex Edmon to the little pup over the radio. The police say the dog was safely snatched up and brought to an animal shelter. No word yet on the condition or identity of its owner, but hopefully they’re alright and will appreciate their chihuahua’s safe return.

Air 31 is identified by a forum called Radio Reference as a Cessna T206H / N531HP, which is a single-engined propellor plane. Interestingly, Officer Edmon semi-famously saved another scared chihuaua from a high-traffic highway back in 2014.

Maybe the next CHiPs movie needs a dog sidekick? Yeah, with a sidecar!

Hat tip to Paulo!

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