Watch Campus Cops Chase A Runaway Golf Cart Gone Wild

Looks like some prankster at Loyola University Chicago cranked the wheel of this catering cart, put a brick on the accelerator, and ran away as hilarity ensued. Until the local lawmen show up to shut it down, then it gets way funnier.

Yep, somebody’s already Benny Hillified it:

Joe Bailey Jr. who originally uploaded the video told the Chicago Tribune:

My first thought was to jump in front of it because I heard you get free tuition for a year if you get hit by a golf cart on campus. My serious response is that I thought about how I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing.


Bailey naturally took the opportunity to milk his five minutes of fame, adding: “the police know how to handle those who resist, especially when that someone is an unarmed golf cart.” Zinger. At least they teach how to film in landscape mode at this college.

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At least it was only going in a circle