Watch Bill Cosby Explain Ford's "Sneaky Squeak Test"

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What is the best way to make a malaise machine seem like the shiny squeak-free new car you've always desired? It seems in 1979 Ford believed the answer was getting Bill Cosby to explain their "Sneaky Squeak Test"

Unfortunately, the only sneaky part of this test seems to have been pulling a new car off the assembly line at random. Regardless of the effectiveness of the non sneaky portion of the squeak test, it's certainly amusing to watch. It appears Ford certainly "tried hard" to keep squeaks from sneaking by—sometimes with a stethoscope and apparently sometimes with Bill Cosby.

We're not sure what actually happened when squeaks were detected, but if every Ford Fairmont that made noises on simulated rough roads actually got sent back we're not sure any would have made it to the dealership.