Watch bikini-clad Russians patriotically wash cars for Putin

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Vladimir Putin may occasionally have trouble getting his Lada motor running, but that didn't prevent an army of pro-Putin activists from supporting the Russian Prime Minister with a patriotic bikini car wash. "Putin's Army is here to stay... Putin's Army washes you away..."


Because there's nothing sexy about the debt ceiling debate, these grassroots activists promised to wash every Russian-made car they could find in order to prove they love Vladimir Putin. These patriotic women wanted the men of Moscow to bring them their rusty Gaz Pobedas, their dusty Lada Nivas, their dirty Volgas longing to be clean.

The significance of this, other than Russia's impending power struggle, is the Prime Minister's famous love of bad-ass Russian vehicles like this off-road Lada Niva.

Cue the "In post-soviet Russian" jokes...

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