Watch As Wert Attempts To Link The LA Auto Show To The Detroit Bailout

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Those of you who enjoyed our esteemed editor Ray Wert on The Coblert Report should get out the shot glasses as we have another round of the Official Car Pundit Drinking Game today at approximately 11:45 am (EST) on CNBC. The topic will be the LA Auto Show and Wert's challenge will be to try to talk about green cars, luxury convertibles and exotics within the frame of the automaker bailout. It'll be live from the floor of the show because we've been banned from using the Gawker private plane to travel. Tune in and drink up.


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The drinking game is on!

Take a shot if:

Wert says "It really isn't easy being green."

His natty Burberry tie/JC Penny sport-coat combo have been replaced by an LA-appropriate Abercrombie & Fitch ensemble, revealing heavily "cut" abs.

Wes pops his head in and gives a shot-out to "All the Jalops out there, Yeah, we're rockin' it West-coast style in LA, bi-atches!"

Wert says "The car-centric southern California market may be the last glory-hole of the auto industry."

Some snide comparison of the LA and Detroit winters is made.

When asked whether the economic decline has hit home for him, Wert answers that "yes, I'm down to only one hooker night per week, wait . . .what?"

There's a mid-interview earthquake, rolling blackout or anti-prop 8 protest.

I, for one, intend to get plastered.