Watch as the SoundRacer V8 transforms a Kia into some bogan's truck

What if I were to tell you there's a device that can make your Kia Sportage sound like 1/600th of a ute muster. You'd have no idea what I was talking about, unless you were Australian.

Just FYI, a bogan is a down-under redneck and a ute muster is a giant meet-up where Australian bogens gather en masse to spin the tires of their Aussie El Caminos. The SoundRacer V8 is an ingenious device you plug into your ciggie lighter and it transmits the sound of a V8 engine through your stereo tuner, in perfect rev-matching sync with the rise and fall of your car's engine. It's uncanny, and it makes you want to flog your Sportage (that's not Oz slang), as the guys from Gizmag found out.


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