Watch An Out-Of-State Cop Brake Check A Driver On The Highway

There's really no excuse for giving another driver a brake check at highway speeds, no matter how annoyed you are at the car closely following you. That we're watching a sheriff give a brake check in this video just makes things worse.


UPDATE: The deputy has resigned.

The video shows driver Chad Walton in South Carolina following a North Carolina sheriff's Crown Vic fairly closely. We don't know what happened before Walton turned on his camera phone, and we should take Walton's statements that the cop is holding up traffic and "acting like a real jackass in South Carolina" with a grain of salt.

Walton moves to the right and passes the cop and a Volvo. As he drives away, the sheriff speeds up, also passes on the right, then aggressively slows down in front of him.

"This is fucking bullshit!" Walton shouts, after hitting the cop's bumper.

WWAY3 News reports that after the crash, the deputy did not pull over, so Walton called 911. Walton told WWAY3 that North Charleston Police responded and found the officer at fault, though the deputy was not given a ticket.

It's not clear what caused this apparent road rage on the part of the sheriff, but that kind of behavior isn't good for any driver let alone someone who can arrest you.

(Hat tip to JBH and The Driver's Daily)


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The "camera truck" was tailgating from the moment the video started, passed on the right and did a two-lane toss to get into the left lane... AND PASS A COP. The video commentary reinforces (in my mind at least) that the driver of the truck was the aggressor. My guess is that the truck driver has felt disrespected by the authorities in the past and was using the opportunity of an out of state cop with no ability to pull him over to "refresh his man card".

The deputy shouldn't have brake-checked the truck, but the truck driver gets no sympathy.