Watch An Insane Driver Speed The Wrong Way Down A Scottish Highway

Even though we firmly believe Americans drive on the correct side of the road with the steering wheel where it belongs, like most sane people when driving abroad we conform to the traffic laws of the rest of the world.

We aren't really sure if this driver isn't aware they should be on the other side of the road or just doesn't care but either way the results are terrifying.

As you can see watching oncoming cars try to avoid a Renault Clio that is speeding the wrong way down the road is truly an unnerving sight. A Scottish cameraman captured the car traveling at speed on the Scottish A726 by Newton Mearns, near Glasgow as other drivers desperately attempt to avoid the car—in some cases swerving off the road.


Amazingly this very lucky driver's three mile trip in the wrong direction did not result in the crash you are expecting at any second while watching this video. According to The Scottish Sun police are now investigating this lunatic's wrong way trip down the highway. (Warning: NSFW Language)

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Fail for the driver, but EPIC fail for Jalopnik. Scotland/Sweden...what's the difference?

And to add insult to injury, know that Sweden used to drive on the left (like the UK), but switched in 1967.