The first rule of winter driving: Slow down in slick conditions. The second rule of winter driving: Leave plenty of braking room when visibility drops. These guys get it completely wrong. To be fair, so did about a hundred other drivers. (Warning: NSFW due to gratuitous profanity.)

This massive pileup occurred outside Helsinki, a place where you'd think competent snow driving would be all but inborn. No one was killed, but cumulative insurance claims are sure to be significant. We hope that one of the on-scene cops got out in front of this with some flares or something before too many others came bumbling in, or else this chain reaction could back up all the way to Lahti.

Essentially all of Europe is still in the grip of a winter cold front that has killed well over a hundred people and endangered thousands more. Conditions are expected to remain brutally cold for weeks to come.

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