Watch an F1 circuit through a driver's helmet-cam


In-car cameras have come a long way since John Frankenheimer rigged up a gyrostabilized mount to get the feel of Monza's banking in Grand Prix, but despite a multitude of creative placements on the car they've never really gotten the perspective of the driver just right. Until now.

For your viewing pleasure, Lucas di Grassi mounted a minicam on his helmet and took Pirelli's tire-tester Toyota F1 car for a quick run around Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya, giving us the best sense ever of what - and how - a driver actually sees through the visor. Don't be surprised if your head starts leaning into high-g corners along with his. The camera may only be able to track where his head is pointing instead of picking up eye movement, but until they can plug a video recorder straight into his cerebral cortex this is about as good as it gets - and it is very, very good.


If your Forza 4-jaded self thinks he's taking it easy on this lap, you may have a point: he was driving with one eye. The camera covered the other one. Please don't try this in traffic.

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