Watch An Actress Freak Out After Dealer Drives Into Construction Site

Ever had a car dealer scare the living crap out of you during a test drive? It's rare, but it happens. Just ask this actress in Belgium, who got more than she bargained for when she went on a Toyota RAV4 test drive.

The story goes like this: the woman is hired to act in a RAV4 commercial. What she doesn't know is that the car dealer plans to show her the little SUV's off-roading prowess, so he takes it on a high-speed drive through a muddy construction site.


I guess the Belgians aren't much for that kind of thing, because she doesn't seem to appreciate it much. The correct response is "WOOOHOOO!", lady, just so you know what to do next time.

It's not a bad ad, and it does fit with the "And everything is possible" tagline. It also gets a pass for being remarkably similar to the fake Jeff Gordon Pepsi ad.

At least they're upfront about who's acting, although her terror may have been real.

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