Watch All The Jalopnik Film Festival Panels On /DRIVE

Many of you seem worried that you'll have to miss out on the panels for the sold out Jalopnik Film Festival. Fear not. With the help of our friends at /DRIVE we have a solution. The discussions from our awesome panels yesterday and today will be rebroadcast on /DRIVE as soon as they're edited.


While we can't show you the films, obviously, we can bring you the post-film and panel discussions with Asif Kapada, Ken Block, Matt Johnston, Kaz Yamauchi, Tamir Moscovici, James Glickenhaus, Greg Tracy, Robb Holland, Brian Scotto, Matt Farah, Alex Nunez and Bill Caswell.

As soon as they're on /DRIVE we'll post them here for you to enjoy.

And of course, if you're in NYC and don't have a pass you can still try to wait for unclaimed passes at the theater.

Photo Credit: Marlon

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