Watch A Woman Walk A Rope Between Two Speeding Volvo Trucks

World-record slackliner Faith Dickey had to walk from one speeding truck to another across a highline in Volvo Trucks' new ad. Sounds easy? No, there were high winds. Oh, and if she wasn't fast enough, she'd smash into a mountain.


The trucks were taking up both lanes on an unopened highway in Croatia, driving into two tubes of a tunnel. Spoiler alert! Dickey barely makes it in time and isn't crushed to death.

The stunt director has worked on a couple Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the two new James Bonds, and the last few Harry Potter movies. Volvo also got an Oscar-nominated Hollywood director for the shoot.

Now that's how you launch a new product, carmakers.

(Thanks to everyone for the tips!)



as a slack liner, the most difficult thing is getting and maintaining a high enough tension. As the line gets weighted it stretched and loosens making it unpredictable. Think of it like tires overheating. The most amazing thing to me is how those drivers kept the tension even CLOSE to constant around those curves?! back to tires, it would be like racing at 10/10th but your tires keep overheating and then loosing heat randomly and without connection to what you were doing as a driver. Nuts!