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Watch a turbo Mitsubishi powered BMW run a 10 second 1/4 mile

If you love weird engine swaps, E30s, six speed transmissions, extreme project car hell and going super fast in a straight line, this 4G63 powered BMW has it all. While some might ask why put a turbo Mitsubishi engine in a BMW, we can only applaud the efforts of the creator of this awesome E30.


According to 1A Blog, where we found this monster, the owner of this bizarre Bimmer won't rest until he manages a nine second 1/4 mile. After watching the impressive run seen here, we feel pretty safe guessing it won't be too long until the nine second dream is realized.

Hat tip to SuperCharger.Heaven!
[1A Blog]

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I love you but I've chosen hooning!

Tom, I come from the future and I am here to save you from yourself. See, in my time your name, Tom Joslin, is connected to some of the worst atrocities to ever occur in garages and auto repair shops. Tom, you might not know this but your appreciation of this swap will have consequences. Sure, today it's just an E30 that gets MUTILATED and tomorrow they'll put a Miata motor in the front section of a Porsche 911 just for the "fun" of it. But trust me, THEY won't stop there. Tom, I've seen things... I've seen Ferrari California Spyders.. no not the new ones but the 250s with 6cylinder Hyundai motors and automatic transmission. Somebody put a Subaru Forrester motor in a Lamborghini Miura and made it 4WD because he thought it was fun. How about the Mercedes 190 SL ... HYBRID?!?! I've seen it with my own eyes Tom. There are garages... hundreds... thousands of them were they perform their perverted and sadistic engine swaps. And they've all been encouraged by your post on Jalopnik. Today is July 17th, 2011. In my time this date goes by the name of "Judgement Day".