Watch A Tiny Ford Focus Embarrass A V8 BMW 1-Series At The Nurburgring

Last week we saw a BMW 135i that had the V8 from a BMW M3 under the hood. We very much thought it'd move at the speed of light. Well, we should have said it depends on who is driving, because here it is getting eaten alive by a 150 horsepower Ford Focus at the Nurburgring.


Reader Julien sent this video in via Facebook after our post on the yellow speed demon went up. Basically, we asserted that the car was a guaranteed rocket. We didn't add in the caveat that it had to have a driver with iron balls behind the wheel. Julien saw this, called shenanigans, and we ate a large amount of crow.

Watch from around 8:00 as the 135i V8 is systematically eaten up and swallowed by the little Ford Focus as if it's a scooter racing a land speed record car.

Poor little guy. If only he could go as fast as his potential.

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