Watch A SWAT Team Take Down A Chrysler 300C With Tear Gas

And no, it's not because the Australians are pissed at America for killing off car manufacturing in their market. It's because even in Australia, where everyone's great-granddad was a convict, crime doesn't pay.


According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a Sydney SWAT Team on Friday took down the driver of a Chrysler 300C on Friday after he reportedly threatened to blow up New South Wales parliament. Using tear gas and bats to bust the windows, officers extracted 58-year-old Abdula Ganiji from the car.

Ganiji, who may have mental health issues, was found to have a "two-litre fruit juice container with 100 millilitres of clear liquid and a green cigarette lighter" in the car, making authorities wonder if he had an explosive device of some sort in the Chrysler.

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