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Watch A Street Drifter In LA Hit A Spectator And Drive Off

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

And now the drift community is trying to shut the whole scene down.

This video showed up in my feed this morning on the popular troll page FormulaDerp.

Street drifting group PaisaDrift, the self-proclaimed “most street active drift team there is in SoCal,” was hosting yet another run on the begging-to-be-drifted canyon roads around LA when things went south. Here’s the a screenshot of the call for the run, with an excellent background picture.


Here’s a video PaisaDrift posted of the car in question, again screenshotted since they took down their video. It is named ‘The Predator.’ Apt.


The run took place on Turnbull Canyon, which you can see better in this second angle of the crash.

Here’s the original video again.


Here’s how FormulaDerp captioned the post. Earlier the account had stated that they’d been woken up at five in the morning flooded with so many DMs about this wreck.

Yeah. Those are legs. After this, he fled the scene. As a #driftcommunity, this is a FUCK YOU of the highest order. you are not welcome in our shops. You are not welcome at our events. You are not welcome on this earth, as far as I’m concerned. We want our Motorsport back. This will skew the public eye of state-side drifting forever. Myself and the thousands that follow this page will make sure your faces are known and your cars are recognized. This is a call to arms. Stand up and don’t let a handful of worthless fucking shitbags go on doing what they do. •••@paisadrift license #6FWE123 HIT AND RUN WHILE STREET DRIFTING IN CALI.
@emirs13 - Amir
@cwerk_fabian - Fabian Carrera
@mario13s - Mariano Pineda
@jonwasthere - John Nguyen
••• I know there are more - that’s the best I can do this early. Tag all local shops, event holders and organizers to make sure these dangerous people are not allowed to further embarrass drifting to the public eye. #operationpaisadeath


FormulaDerp is now doing its best to get PaisaDrift shut down, posting what they believe to be the driver’s name, number, home address, and whatever other information they can track down. Somebody posted a fake personal connections Craigslist listing for the guy. It’s getting kind of ugly.

This does have some precedent. I remember when a Honda forum called the cops on one of their members who crashed in a street race. It’s important for the community to do some self-policing here — this kind of activity makes all gearheads look bad.


Hopefully this street drifting gets shut down. There’s a reason why professional organizations prevent people from standing next to amateur drivers, particularly on the outside of a corner. That’s where things go wrong, as you can see here.


The condition of the guy hit is unknown. The PaisaDrift page has a comment claiming he was sent to the hospital, quickly shutting down the event. Elsewhere it’s claimed the guy almost died, but it seems like he luckily got away with a broken finger.

Here’s how the crash looked after the dirtbag driver fled.


And here’s the owner of the car that got crashed into complaining that the guy who hit him just took off.


The person hit is reportedly ok. As a comment on the PaisaDrift page notes, he was taken to the hospital. Other sources note that he got away with just a broken finger. He’s a lucky guy — we easily could have seen a death here.

More information as we have it.


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