Avalanches have been on the mind since The New York Times ran its monstrous article the other weekend. Now we can't take our eyes off this video of a snowmobiler wrecking his ride and his knee in even a small slide.

The YouTube uploader described what happened to the rider.

He did jack up his knee but luckily that's all that is wrong. He was partially buried with his head exposed facing down hill. Right leg was wrapped around a tree and he had 5 to 6 feet piled up on his legs and back. Sled got banged up pretty good. We went and recovered the sled today. Took 1.5 hrs to dig out the sled and another 3 to get it back to the truck. Smashed up the right side of the bulk head and tunnel.


Needless to say, we're still freaked out by backcountry snow.

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