Winter driving season is approaching, and with it comes anxieties about snowy or icy roads. Leave it to Russian loggers to show how to get through conditions that most drivers would never see in their worst dreams.

With the world's constant desire for fine resources, it's always becoming just that bit harder to get to the good lumber deep in the forests and pull it out to send to Rolls-Royce for ye olde burled dashboards and such. Problem? Pah! Not for Russian lumber companies!


This may merely be one severely socked-in trail, but there's a better likelihood that it's a proper Siberian river bed. In either case this heavily-loaded Ural shrugs off the headlight-deep sludge as if it was a dusting of snow. (The guy in the Ferrari hat at the end? He's envious. His unseen ride is apparently stuck in the sticks.)

This is one to send to your brother-in-law after he spends half of Thanksgiving telling you about how his new SUV that has folding running boards and a rearview camera and such irrelevant dreck. THIS is a truck, and this is what you do with it.

(Hat tip to Jesus!)

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