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Formula 1 took this weekend off, so what was Ferrari driver Felipe Massa up to? Well, he wasn't flipping burgers on the grill or drinking beer by the pool. Not this Brazilian — he was too busy leading 964 Ferraris as they raced around the Silverstone Circuit in England.


The massive parade of prancing horses was aimed at beating an old Guinness Book record of 490 Ferraris that went around a Japanese track in 2008, Ferrari says. Led by Massa in a 458 Spider, the cavalcade of supercars obliterated the old record and served us up with some military-grade car porn.

Besides the obvious awesomeness of this act, the Ferrari procession also raised money for BEN, a British charity supporting people who have worked in the automotive industry and their families. We're all about a good time that supports a great cause, so our hat's off to the Ferrari owners who came to this.


And if you can't get enough of Ferraris whipping around Silverstone, then check out the parade of F40s from earlier this summer.

Tell us — which was your favorite Ferrari from this weekend's parade?

Photo/Video Credit: Sam Moores Photography, Schmee150!

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