Watch A Record-Breaking 103 Cars Do A Mega Burnout To Ring In 2015

America's kickass cousin Australia has a most wonderful tradition at the beginning of every year: the Summernats car festival in Canberra, the biggest one in the country. And this year they rang in the new year with the most epic burnout ever.

The Summernats attendees did this two years ago with a Guinness World Record-setting 69 cars. But they upped the ante for 2015 by increasing the car count to 103 cars. Holy smokes. Literally.


Here's the first video of the record-smashing, 103-car megaburnout from Summernats' YouTube channel.

And here are some more shots of the burnout itself from down on the ground, the best videos I can find at the moment. It estimates 61,000 horsepower was used to make this happen. The whole thing basically looks and sounds like the apocalypse. SO MUCH SMOKE.

Never change, Australia.

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