The lack of defined boundaries for spectators and photographers only contributes to the outlaw lore that surrounds the Baja 1000. Although spectator deaths certainly occur on and around the course, they are not usually a result of people lying in the middle of the course. As you can see from this video footage, that is exactly what one amateur photographer decided to do at this year's race.

Not nearly as crazy as the choice to lie on the ground with your point and shoot in the middle of an active race course but still pretty out there is the first driver's decision to jump over the rogue cameraman. From the actions of the second driver this guy comes in contact with, we have to assume he was visible from a distance.


Sure, part of racing at Baja is doing your best to deal with the uncontrolled environment that surrounds the race course, but we can't imagine jumping over some madman in the middle of the race course is the most prudent decision. Of course, neither is positioning yourself on the ground in the middle of an active race course.


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